Compressed natural gas (CNG) is the fuel, which could get used in vehicles in the place of petroleum or diesel. Usually, CNG combustion gives natural gas, which is lighter than air and spreads easily to burn easily. In India, the hike in costs of petrol and diesel has continued in the last decades and this has made the development of an alternative of both these fuels almost inevitable. While seeking cost-effective alternative, compressed natural gas (CNG) kits have appeared a cost-saving measure to manage expenses for fuel. As the number of CNG powered cars is on the rise, experts hope to see a revolution in this soon.

List of CNG Stations in India

Why CNG is preferable to other fuels and its advantages?

Cheaper alternative as a fuel – The cost of CNG is way cheaper than petrol and diesel. It does not put burden on the owner of the vehicle for smooth running of vehicle.

Pure alternative as a FUELCompared to petrol and diesel, CNG is a purer fuel. It makes less air pollution.

Helps in the maintenance of engine of vehicle – As CNG causes lesser pollution, it is completely environment friendly and to add to it, it helps in increasing the life of the engine in the vehicle.

Safer alternative – Although, CNG gets installed in the vehicle by means of a cylinder, it is a safer alternative and less likely to cause accidents in the car.

What type of vehicles could run by means of a CNG?

Any vehicle with a spark-ignited engine could run by a CNG. The CNG kit is helpful in converting the engine.

The car could run both by CNG and petrol. Once the CNG gets exhausted, the driver could use the switch on the dashboard to change to ‘petrol’ mode of operating the engine. No wonder why CNG are using in cities like Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Pune, Hyderabad etc.

How long a fully loaded CNG could go?

It depends on the use by the owner of the vehicle. Besides this, CNG shows different types of performances in rural and urban areas.

An average car with 70 litre pressure level could go at the speed of 190-260 km and the vehicle could cover the distance of 450 km in urban traffic and 500 km in semi-urban and rural traffic by a single CNG.

How does the refiling of CNG take place?

Normally, a small compressor gets connected to the fuel tank to fill up the CNG in the car. The refuelling takes place through pressure at 20-30 mpa speed. The compressed natural gas is available in the interconnected pressurized containers at CNG filling station. As the refuelling begins, compressed natural gas gets released through a dispensing pump in the vehicles pressure level.  A quick fastening system helps in the refuelling the vehicle as the dispensing pump’s hose gets connected to the refuelling valve of the car or vehicle.

The CNG could get filled up through a slow filling method within 5-8 hours.

And the CNG could get filled up by a fast filling method within the duration of 3-5 minutes.

Is maintenance of CNG KIT expensive?

CNG KIT is very simple and safe apparatus. Once installed, it goes for years. Although, it does not require frequent servicing, routine servicing of the CNG KIT could keep the KIT healthy for years of operation. Servicing only needs to take place in the authorized service centres. From many angles, CNG is a better alternative as fuel in the car.

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